Let piggy rule the  UNIVERSE! World Solana NFT

🐷 100% of Royalties will go to Community Wallet

🐷 Play Piggy Arena to earn $OINK tokens

🐷 Mutate the collections to get Gen-Z Piggies

🐷 Holders get airdrops of next collection & Token

🐷 Pioneer of MintAuthority.io

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3,333 Piggies in Pixels

Our roadmap based on community and future projects

%100 of royalties will be transferred to Community Wallet

The community will decide & manage the reserve in the wallet

Holders will get Airdrops of female piggies & $OINK Tokens. NFT Ratio will be 1:1. More you hold, more you get

Minters get extra $OINK Tokens from airdrops

This is just a beginning

Wait for more piggies to come and watch them conquer the NFT world.

Piggies in Pixels

A continuous, community driven project

First collection is made from 32px piggies. We plan to release Females, Gen-Z and $OINK Token after stage 2. Main goal is to make this project a continuous & well rewarding for holders, lovers and contributors.



Females are
decided to come
to fix the mess
made by males



Is it an abomination? Many folks describe them as future? Some says they are punks.

Future of Pixel Piggies


Stage 1

Engaging Community

Since this project is community driven, we will make our best to initialize first steps with you as a group of contributors. There will be giveaways and rewards to people who help the pixel piggy community to unite.

Stage 1


People helped the community and earned OG-Piggy role. Time to thank them. We will do Presale to give our thanks to early supporters.

Stage 2

Public Minting

We will mint our lovely collection of piggies. Minting price will be 0.1 SOL

Stage 3

Community Wants ....

%100 of royalties will be stored in Community Wallet. You will manage the wallet. If you want floor sweep, let's sweep. If you want airdrop, let's drop. Community asks for xyz, it will happen soon.

Stage 3

Token & Game Launch

Official launch of $OINK Token, Tokenomics and
Piggy Arena

Stage 3


Female piggies will be prepared for airdropping. Holders will get 1 Female Piggy for each piece of male piggy they hold.
Holders and Minters will get $OINK Tokens from drops.

Stage 4


Mutation System will be activated. Send Male, Female and $OINK Token to cauldron to get Gen-Z Piggy.

Meet Chief Piggies



Pig Wick

Community Manager

Master Pig

Project Manager  


Creative Designer

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Join Piggy Community. Learn how to become OG-Piggy. Enjoy the benefits of royalties.


Minting is Live!

3333 Pieces

Mint Price:0.1 SOL
It is a mini browser game that you can play on this site. You can earn free $OINK tokens by playing the game.
It is a tradable token on Solana Blockchain. You can trade on Dexes that we partnered with. Also, it is an ingredient for Mutation.
Male 32px piggies are our first generation Piggies in Pixels.

Female 64px piggies are our second generation Piggies in Pixels that will be airdropped to Male Piggy Holders.

Gen-Z 128px piggies are our last generation of Piggies in Pixels that will only be obtained with Mutation. They are NewGens!
Mutation will be kind of breeding/fusion that we created. You will use Male, Female and $OINK token together to make Gen-Z Piggy.

All ingredients will be burned after mutation.